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Pet Owners Checklist

Your pet relies on you for companionship, food, shelter, healthcare and his or her overall safety; not too much to ask for all your pet gives you in return!!

checkbox Pet Owners Checklist License your pet according to local laws and have him or her wear an ID tag with your name, address and phone number at all times. Go the extra little bit and have your pet micro-chipped – if he or she is lost it could bring your pet home that much faster.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Make your pet an indoor pet. Your dog or cat should live inside with the rest of your family. You will all be happier and your pet will not be in danger of heat stroke or frostbite.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Keep your pet under your control whenever he or she is outside. This protects your pet from injuries, from disease, from theft as well as keeping him or her from being a public nuisance.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Clean up after your pet when in public parks or along public streets and walks – it is the law in many places.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Spay or neuter your pet. This keeps him or her healthier and will reduce the terrible problem of dog and cat overpopulation.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Provide your pet with a nutritious diet in the correct proportions for his or her breed, age and level of activity, including constant access to clean water.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Provide your pet with plenty of exercise. Go the extra mile, exercise with your pet – it will be good for both of you!
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Be sure your pet receives proper veterinary care, and keep up to date with the necessary vaccinations, including rabies shots, to protect your pet, other animals and your community.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Train your pet patiently, and give him or her lots of love and attention.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Brush your pet often to both enhance his or her coat and to give you the opportunity to bond.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Have your pet professionally groomed, as recommended for his or her breed and your lifestyle, to improve the quality of his or her coat, to increase your enjoyment of your pet and to possibly provide early detection of skin, eye or ear problems.
checkbox Pet Owners Checklist
Provide your dog with opportunities for socialization – training classes, dog parks, daycare; this will make your dog happier, healthier, and much easier to manage in public situations.



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