Daycare at Pete and Mac's

a Satisfied Customer

  "Thanks so much for taking
such good care of my children, Trudy and Otto! I appreciate your attention and time with their special needs. I am so glad to know that your facility is in Lee's Summit for those times when I may need your services again! I will refer your place to my family and friends. Thanks again. You really made my vacation more enjoyable knowing that Otto and Trudy were being taken care of in such an attentive and caring way!"

Marianne Wicker
(reprinted with permission)



Canine Daycare

"Dog day care allows canines a natural opportunity to socialize and bond with others of their species. Not only is this an effective way to prevent separation anxiety, the natural stimulation and competition among peers promotes optimal physical and behavioral development. As a practicing veterinarian, I can assure you that working with a well socialized canine is an absolute joy. On the contrary, the anxious, non-socialized and fearful canine can be extremely difficult to care for, and often is befit with less than optimal health." Dr. Steve Smith, DVM, Brookside Animal Clinic in Kansas City, MO

Pete and Macís Pet Resorts dog day care features specialty turf designed for dogs which provides a safe, comfortable, sanitary, pesticide-free play surface.

Daycare is provided both indoors and outdoors in size-appropriate play groups under constant supervision by highly trained Pet Guardians.

Outdoor areas are fenced, covered, heated, fanned and misted for the local climate. Indoor areas are fully climate controlled.

Daycare is available for drop-in guests, while boarding and with grooming or training.

Your dog can also enjoy fun birthday, holiday, Paws & Crafts, and themed parties!

Guests must be 16 weeks old to play and fully vaccinated. At 6 months daycare guests must be spayed or neutered.