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Client Satisfaction Survey

First Time Guest Questionnaire for DOGS

Pete and Mac’s asks for this information so that we can better personalize our care for your pet. There are no “wrong” answers and no answers that would prevent your pet from staying at Pete and Mac’s. The more we know about your pets, the more they will enjoy their stays. Please complete one of these for each of your dogs, there is a separate questionnaire for cats.

Parent Name

Pet Name

Did you get him/her from a breeder or a rescue group?

If rescue: Do you know his/her background? Abandoned? Abused/Neglected? Surrender?

How old was he/she when you adopted?

Is there anything else you think we need to know that would help us understand your pet’s background and/or
provide better care?

Would you describe your pet as shy around other people?

If yes: How does he/she respond? i.e. run away, crouching, tucking tail, growling, trying to nip

If no: Does he/she enthusiastically greet new people – does he/she jump on people?

Is there anything that your pet is afraid of? i.e. men, women, thunderstorms, water

When you leave your pet at home is he/she comfortable in a crate or does he/she have the house to themselves?

If not crated: Does he/she show any signs of separation anxiety? i.e. Getting in the trash. Chewing furniture or your belongings? Excessive barking and /or whining?

Has your pet ever taken any training classes or is he/she home schooled?

What commands is he/she familiar with?

Has your pet ever been boarded/groomed/daycare any where else?

If yes: Where? How did he/she do? Where there any stress related symptoms we should be looking for? i.e. Not eating, vomiting, diarrhea.

What other kinds of social activities is your pet used to?

Bark Park    Pet Friendly stores/restaurants    Neighborhood walks    Doggie Daycare

How does your pet do in those situations?

Now for the safety of people and pets, has your pet ever behaved in a threatening or aggressive way?

If yes: What can you tell us about that situation? i.e. Prompted by protection, territorial or a response to another dog’s behavior.

Does your pet have a history of escapes or attempted escape? i.e. jumping fences, wiggling out of collars, opening doors, bolting through open doors

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding group play or daycare? (we’ll talk about these when you arrive)

Has your pet had any surgeries or medical conditions we should be aware of?

How frequently is your pet groomed? What are you looking for when you have those appointments?

Is there anything else we should know about your pet?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, we will review it with you on your first visit to be sure we understand the best way to interact with your pet and answer any questions you may have.

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