Grooming at Pete and Mac's

a Satisfied Customer

  "Thanks so much for taking
such good care of my children, Trudy and Otto! I appreciate your attention and time with their special needs. I am so glad to know that your facility is in Lee's Summit for those times when I may need your services again! I will refer your place to my family and friends. Thanks again. You really made my vacation more enjoyable knowing that Otto and Trudy were being taken care of in such an attentive and caring way!"

Marianne Wicker
(reprinted with permission)



Canine Lodging

Pete and Macís Grooming Salons are spacious, well-lit spas, with separate areas for bathing, drying and hair-cuts for a comfortable pet grooming experience. Pete and Macís stylists are grooming professionals and cater to Pete and Macís boarding and daycare guests, too.

HydroSurgeô low-stress bathing systems provide a unique water massage during bathing. The system virtually eliminates scrubbing and thus reduces stress on pets. Dryers use ambient air, not heating elements to assure pet safety. Premium products pamper your petsí skin and coats.

Had it up to here with petsí shedding? Try Pete and Macís Had it Up to Hair? shed reduction program featuring Furminator products to virtually eliminate bothersome shedding in the home.

Open 7 days a week, extended hours for overnight and drop-in guests

Optional Daycare available at discounted rates for Spaw guests

Grooming Spaw Menu:

Professional Services

Full Service Groom (min $38) Includes bath and blow dry, full haircut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, glands expressed $38/hour
Bath & Brush (min $19) Includes bath and blow dry, bangs trimmed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, glands expressed $38/hour
Had it up to Hair? Shed Reduction Requires Groom or Bath & Brush, includes coat conditioning. Features FURminator products $38/hour
Mini Shed Reduction Follow up blow out within 2 weeks of 1st Had it Up to Hair? 1 free per Had it up to Hair? Treatment FREE


Pet-Icure Nails trimmed and polished, pads moisturized $15
Teeth Brushing Fresh breath and a pretty smile! Does not replace dental care by your veterinarian $15
Had it up to Hair? Mini Shed Reduction Additional between treatments touch up, no bath or groom required $15
Nail Trimming cut and dremel, reduces snagging $15
Coat Conditioning
Gland Expression
Ear Cleaning
Specialty Shampoo
Nail Polish

Guest Bath for boarding or daycare guests, bath and air dry $20

Canine Massage Not available at all resorts, call for details